What is the difference between the fire inspection cabinet and the control cabinet?

2018/8/18 15:01:13   
In terms of control mode
Fire patrol cabinet is set according to the time period of automatic low-speed pressure-free start fire pump, while patrol control cabinet electrical function is normal. The fire control cabinet is a manual / automatic full power starting fire pump.
The starting mode can be divided into: star delta start, direct start, auto coupling decompression start, soft start.
At work time
Fire patrol cabinet work in peacetime fire does not occur, belongs to regular patrol fire pump working state, once a fire, patrol function automatically stopped, fire pump full pressure operation.
When the fire occurs, the fire control cabinet receives the start-up signal of the fire control center, starts the sprinkler system and the fire hydrant pump to eliminate and control the fire. In other words,
Fire patrol cabinet is the guarantee that fire control cabinet and fire pump can work normally when a real fire occurs.
Functionally speaking
Fire Fighting Patrol cabinet, as its name implies, is automatic patrol fire fighting equipment - fire fighting pump, that is, regular patrol inspection of the working state of fire fighting pumps, once found in the patrol process pump abnormal work, can not work properly.
Send alarm signal immediately and record the type of fault. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to deal with the fault in time to ensure that the fire pump can play a role in the event of fire. The general inspection time can be set according to the actual situation. Fire control cabinet is mainly used to control the start and stop of fire pump and fire hydrant when fire occurs.
Receiving the fire control signal of the fire control center, starting the corresponding fire pump and fire hydrant, timely controlling and eliminating the fire.