There are many specifications for emergency power supply for EPS

2018/8/18 15:03:51   
There are many specifications for EPS emergency power supply, which aim at different application of fire fighting equipment and fire fighting occasions. These EPS emergency power supply specifications include:
I. GB17945-2010 "fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system" (mandatory standard for fire industry)
Two, GB16806-2006 fire linkage control system (fire industry mandatory standards) Three, GB/T21225-2007 "inverter emergency power supply" (general industrial, civilian place) These EPS emergency power standards are issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision/National Standards Committee, and the latest "Centralized Battery Emergency Power Supply Device" is submitted for approval by the Ministry of Housing and Construction in 2011-12-7. These are mainly fire industry specifications, specific to the application of fire equipment specifications and the following 2 specifications.
1. Emergency power supply EPS (FEPS) for fire power equipment is mainly emergency power supply for fire power equipment (such as fire pump, fan, elevator, etc.), which must be certified by the 3C national compulsory certification. The product standard is GB16806-2006.
2. The special emergency power supply EPS for fire fighting emergency lamps and lanterns is mainly the centralized emergency power supply for fire fighting emergency lamps and lanterns (such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps, signs and so on), which must be approved by the fire fighting Certification Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The product standard is GB17945-2000 "fire emergency lamps and lanterns".
Implementation Rules for Accreditation of Fire Products Types: Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Indicating System Products, which came into effect on May 1, 2011, require that the special emergency power supply for fire emergency lamps and lanterns should comply with GB17945-2010 standard, which replaces GB17945-2000 Fire Emergency Lamps and lanterns.